Private agenda - aura

Directed by William Pope & Francis Boyter
Cinematography - Francis Boyter
Art Director - Celina Bassili
Hair and Makeup - Jess Saywell
Stylist - Laura Jimenez
Shot at Park Village Studios, London.

“Soooooo gaaaaayyy 😝”

- Jhony rs, Youtube.


Bunnybird is an animated music video for Cafe Spice Band.

I chose to work with Animator and artist Rosa Beiroa on this project, as she has an incredible talent for bringing dream-like worlds to life with her fluent and fluid lines.


JUMP IN is a portrait of young basketballers in Clapham. These young guys congregate on the court as an escape from the challenges of growing up in London. A Boyter & Pope Production.

Cinematography by David Bird. Sound design and music by JJ Mitchell.

“Captures a place, a group of people, a sport and culture in London beautifully. On Point” - Greatcoat Films

Shinya And the Shokunin

A micro documentary about the diminishing craft industry in Japan, shot on location in Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

L’Uomo Con il cappello

A micro documentary about Sauro Lorenzoni - a marble sculptor in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. A Boyter & Pope Production. Selected and screened as High Scoring at the Shiny Awards.

Sound Design by JJ Mitchell

“Great character piece. Quite moving actually. Beautiful cinematography” - Rattling Stick

“What a delight!” - UKMVA

Sakura - milk model management

A test film for Milk Model Management, shot on 16mm.

A Boyter & Pope Production.


A short film I wrote, directed and produced.

Sound Design by JJ Mitchell.

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